4 Year Old Curriculum

Our 4-year old classes focus on skills for school readiness. Activities include: hands-on learning activities, letter and phonemic awareness, calendar activities, number awareness and math concepts, Bible stories, working in groups, fine motor practice, and playing games.

Class Options

Monday/ Tuesday/ Wednesday/ Thursday 9:00AM - 12:30PM
$400/ month (9 months) Figured on $8.00/hour
Class ratio is 5:1 or 6:1 for 4 year old classes

Daily Program

Daily Program
Weekly, children are introduced to Bible stories, and verses with motions and songs. They also spend time working together on relationships and good character qualities as individuals and as a group.
Each day/week is centered on a theme. Art activities, dramatic play areas, songs, books are all coordinated around this theme. Some of the themes are: friends, families, fall, pets, healthy habits, the seasons, Easter, planting and growing things.
Arts and Crafts
Children are introduced to a variety of media through both open and teacher directed arts and crafts. Special attention is given to the progress of fine motor skills of writing, cutting and gluing. The children experience both individual and group art work.
Dramatic Play Centers
We have put together many hands-on, high interest dramatic play centers change weekly in classroom. These props give the children the opportunity to learn new language, play cooperatively, and expand their knowledge. Topics include: vet clinic, eye doctor, grocery store, restaurant, doctor’s office, office, coffee shop etc.
Physical Activity
We have an outdoor fenced play structure which includes a rubber riding tracks for bikes and scooters. We go outside as much as possible when the weather permits. On days when we need to be inside, we have a large indoor play area with basketball hoops, balls, blocks, scooters, trucks, balance beam and a tumbling area. The teachers do a developmental screening of the children’s large motor skills throughout the year. The classes experience both free play and group games. Each day the preschoolers have half hour of large motor play.
Reading and Language Arts
Pre-reading and reading activities will be presented such as letter recognition and a portion of the Jolly Phonics program, rhyming activities, language development skills, reading a wide variety of books both fiction and non-fiction
Science/ Language Arts/ Math Enrichment
One day each week the children rotate classes to participate in enrichment activities. These include Science/ Math/ Literature. Each class is high interest. In Literature the children are introduced to authors, writing styles, and books. They complete a journal entry to help remember the areas introduced. In maths they play games to learn concepts of one to one correspondance, number recognition, sorting, graphic and sequencing. Science is based on a theme each week such as bridges, volcanos, shadows, gravity, geometry, biology, simple machines, cooking, weather and plants. There are many hands on experiments and new ideas to explore.
Each week the children participate in all school chapel for 15 minutes led by the director. This time consists of a short opening prayer, Christian songs with motions, and short Bible verses with motions, and an ending prayer. Parents are welcome to attend. Parents are invited to a concert at Christmas and the end of the year.