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Hand in Hand Preschool has been in existence since 1997. A caring, non-denominational Christian environment is created at the preschool where children develop emotionally, intellectually, physically, spiritually and socially.


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Giving your child a strong start is very important to us. We feel the following areas set us apart in early learning.

Structured Experiences

For many of the preschoolers attending Hand in Hand Christian Preschool, this is their first structured school experience. Children learn best through active exploration of their environment, participating in both child initiated and teacher directed activities. Activities and curriculum utilize the Illinois Early Learning Standards for Preschoolers by teaching language arts, writing, math, social studies, science, large motor/gum and music. (This guide is not mandated by the state at the time, it can be found online for your reference).

Pretend Play

Early childhood research shows that preschoolers thrive when they can experience new materials, ideas and activities. Pretend play is especially important to expand knowledge and vocabulary and try to make sense of the world. To this end, we have created Dramatic Play Centers that rotate their classes each week. The children have the opportunity to explore, create, test their theories of the world and interact with other children and adults in a controlled yet free environment. Some of the favorite centers include: Fire Fighters, Grocery Store, Eye Doctor, Vet Clinic, Farmers' Market. New Centers can be developed as the children show interest in areas of learning.

Social / Emotional Development

Your child's social and emotional development influences their success in being able to focus and thrive in classroom situations. A child's social experiences with other children in their preschool years may help develop social skills that enable her/him to make friends in elementary school. These experiences also enhance the child's social competence and academic achievement. Our teachers lovingly help each child to understand his/her feelings and the feelings of others. Our experienced staff encourage the preschoolers to listen, follow directions, respect authority, develop responsibility and self-regulation. Preschoolers make important cognitive gains that serve as the foundation for their life of being an eager, enthusiastic and successful learner.

Growing in God

Hand in Hand teaches Bible and shares God's love for each child. A child is never too young to know that God exists, that God loves them, and cares for them. The preschool years build the foundation of children's character. We partner with parents in helping them grow God's way.

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